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Here at The NUS Executive MBA, we look to develop business leaders who will not only be able to play a pivotal role in corporations, but also society. During your 15 months’ journey with The NUS Executive MBA, you will be able to understand business challenges and cultures across both the Asia-Pacific and the globe. Expose yourself to new cultures, political and economic environments and discover new innovative ways of doing business. We are looking to develop not just “market-ready” executives, but empower you to be a “future-ready” business leader.
A new world awaits you with The NUS Executive MBA. Deepen your understanding of leadership and gain valuable sensitivity to cultural complexities across the ever changing business landscape of the Asia-Pacific region , while developing a global view. Our programme is designed for you, the busy executive, in mind. Career and travel friendly while creating a root environment amongst seasoned executives for a highly focused and interactive learning, The NUS Executive MBA is structured into 6 intensive 2-week sessions, held over 15 months.

Given the quality and diversity of the applicants we attract to our programme, you will have many opportunities to forge strong bonds with other senior business executives from more than 20 different countries, industries and functional roles. Your learning experience will be enhanced, enriched and expanded with interactions and collaborations with your peers.

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NUS Asia-Pacific Executive MBA


If you are looking for a globally recognised EMBA programme that can give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience with top-level understanding of doing business in the Asia-Pacific region, The NUS Executive MBA is definitely the programme for you!
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